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Joobs - Tan's Journal

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Life oh life. Yim left today.. ~ went to send her to the airport. Life o Life. I bought her some small gifts to take with her, hope it's useful... hehe... It's so hard to find friends that stay true, maybe i select who to tell my stuff to and who i would not reveal much. I don't know. hehe dont' wanna psycho analyse myself right now. too late for that. hehehe... I'm driving now. i finally got my license. a joy for me! hehehe...

I can't wait to go back to melbourne. hehehe cos i'm missing sunny already. startin to miss him. when i first left australia, it wasn't so bad, then after like a few days it got worse... hehehe. then it came to a point where i don't really miss him... and now i do! it's been 2 months! Can't remember how he behaves anymore. Yes. Time is a very very bad thing. Cos me of all people tend to forget. Tends to fade away.... buttt nopeeee not gonna let it slip away. :p Gonna go back next week!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


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Friday, November 19, 2004


I just read some of my old entries. brings back memories. =) i guess that's why blogging is useful. hm. hehe...
And i'm going back to Malaysia... on 28th November. Yay~! I'm gonna lose weight. Yes. Priorities. Then meet my friends. I'm planning to get a head start on some of the course material... so i dont have to get so stressed out during the semester. And yes. 1.5 years before i graduate!! Fuckin amazin! I can't wait till i graduate. And then i'll be able to be an accountant... if i work in Malaysia i would have to do a few more papers. but that's aighttt yeaa? :) hehe I'm finally turning into a new leaf man. Having ambitions and goals. Things that i wanna achieve and letting nothing stop me from doing just that. Over these past few months i've realised, i can achieve anything i want as long as i focus... it's all in the mind... Like how i thought oh shit i'm never gonna be able to do the friendship band... i was losing patience along the way because it's downright difficult to do... takes up sooooooooooo MUCH time. But i had perseverence. haha and i reap the benefits. ok, i'm sounding like an old granny.

i better get off the comp. and check up on my daling who's fast asleep snoring like mad. ok. bye.

9:13PM - Nostalgy...

I've got a really nostalgic feeling... Sunny and i are moving out soon... on sunday.. cos we actually have to leave on monday at 10 am. *sighz* I will miss this place dearly. A place that we have called home, where we've gotten comfortable and settled down. Now we have to go through the motions of packing, leaving, and settling down in a new place. And we're going to be living separately. Because we go to different unis and we kinda needed our own place. So that when our parents come there's a place to stay. So sad to leave this place... the convenience of nearby shops, watching movies whenever we wanted to, chilling at a cafe, eating like crazy, gambling at the casino, clubbing and coming back whenever we wanted to.... I'm going to miss all this. Although i'm not gonna miss the drug addicts that live nearby and bug me for cigarrettes and when i say no they say "F*** you" or "Find a new line". Or they ask me for money which i decide not to give.

Anyways, on a brighter note... Our 1 year aniversary is coming up. hehe.. I've got things prepared. Nothing to do with spending $$$$. Ok, maybe a little. I bought a binded book... and i've decorated the whole book... with pictures, star signs, things that i remind him of, things that he reminds me of, poems, and the lot. i never knew i could even be creative. hehe.. and i learnt how to make a friendship band... so that i can make it for him... he sees me make it but he doesn't know it's for him... he was like whoa. that's the first time i see that you have patience. enough patience to sit down and do that. Yea, i'm doing a friendship band for him, a yellow and blue one... blue signifying he's a boy... mine would be yellow and pink... pink signifying i'm a girl. hehe. ain't that cute? well yea... it suits really well, the colors. and both of us love the color yellow. i'm also thinking of what to buy him. cos all these didn't really cost much... i know it's the thought that counts. but i wanna buy something else too. cos i know he's planning something as well. hehe. i can't wait to see what he gets me.

So much to pack so little time. So i better go nowww... buhbyeee..

Current mood: crazy

Tuesday, November 9, 2004


finished exams! yay! heheh...
Only had 5 hrs sleep but now i can fully relax~

Went to eat at this jap restaurant called yoyogi...
At midnight, all EB games store opened at midnight to sell Halo2. hehe.. got alot of freebies from going to the launch. haha i had nothin better to do okay. yeah. the boi, got his limited edition halo2, and i bought him the official guide too. haha... yea

I so wanna see the forgotten.

I will soon. hehe

Saturday, November 6, 2004


It's the simple things in life we forget
Why do u make some things so easy so complicated~ searchin for what's right in front of our faces... so u think u know whats important...

I love thiss songg... the lyrics r cool... i guess i relate to it... i tend to forget the simple things in life... i get too caught up in life... too caught up in the busyness of it all... did i mention i'm living in the city now. totally enjoyin it... livin it up with ma boi. livin in unilodge on flinders right opposite the train station. hehehe i love it here... i hate the quietness of the suburbs... but i'm gonna be movin back to clayton... cos the 6 months lease is up... hehe.. and it's too expensive living out here...

events that have passed since i last blogged...

went to the melbourne show... the first time in 4 years... it was really fun, i spent 200 AUD. that's nice too. haha retail therapy.

mum has come and gone... gawd.. i misss herr..

4:34AM - tired tired tired

been so long since i used this. cos i'm usin another website noww.. way betta than this in sum ways. hm....
i just got back from heat... so tired... got 1 more exam to go.
can't wait till then...

Current mood: content

Sunday, April 11, 2004


I've been so sick. :(

Yesterday afternoon i went to St Kilda beach. Sweet. :) It would've been better if i wasn't sick. And then last night Sunny, Kev and i went to this lounge. Sunny and Kev played pool while i just watched them. There was only one pool table so winner stays and other people came and challenged them cos they were winning. So erm. yeah. My night was boring. I had a few drinks. and a thai chicken salad. Apart from that, BORING. I would've had more fun if i wasn't sick tho. hehe
We took the nightrider home. yes. i spent alot yesterday. *sighz* and now i'm attempting to get well. taking every type of medicine i can think of.

And of course downloading songs like mad. hehehe.

Friday, April 9, 2004


Last night i planned to drink... but i think i'm incapable of drinking until i'm seriously tipsy. hehe.. I seem to know my limits which is a really good thing. :) I drank enough to feel good. no hangover. nothing.

Sunny was drunk so he kinda ruined my night. Had to look after him. But i left for a while... so that his friends could look after him.

And yes. I hate it when people just keep drinking until they puke. I hate it when people just totally LOSE self control.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004


oh yah. nott night tomorrow night. :) Pubbing. woo hoo...
Need to relax... and let go~! cos been studying...

wooooo hoooooooo..........~!


Blogging has done alot for me in the past... but these days i can't seem to fully express myself properly. Have no idea why. I haven't blogged for ages. And i've got another journal in xanga but the thing is i dont really blog about how i feel rather what i do.

Anywayz, i shall start right now... typing out the things i think about.

I've always wondered what it would be like to finally find someone that's meant for me someone that even without me saying it will understand what i'm going through. Someone that will fully commit their life for me. It's virtually impossible. Cos everyone of us are selfish. we only think about ourselves... what we're feeling is the most important... Well for me that is. Dunno who else. My world revolves around only me.

Last night, sunny brought his bed down and i made my room so cosy.. for the both of us. For me, i saw that as a new level to our relationship. But he didn't see it that way cos we practically sleep together every night except that it's on one bed. Or else he sleeps on the floor and gives me the pleasure of sleeping alone comfortably. Last night was a fucking amazing sleep.. both of us had our own bed but it was joined together. He was so upset that his room didn't have a bed he had to go take his bed back this mornin. So yes. I'm thinking He doesn't sleep in the afternoons... and all. So why can't he make that sacrifice for me. It's hard to sacrifice COMFORT. *YES* i know. But anywayz. i guess i'm ranting. I was pissed. Past tense. WAS. Cos i do all these things for him. And where's my part? When do i start taking and stop giving? I dunno. I guess these are unaswered. But we made a promise that he'd try harder to be what he could really be for me. he's the most amazing guy i've met. We laugh. We are so good together. Even our friends say so. But when we have a fight the shit really hits the ceiling..... it's so terrible. But whatever, i want him to be my MR. Right for everything. *crosses fingers*

Anywayz, today we went to the city and bought us some easter eggs. of course, my idea. cos i'm Ms. Nice. hehehe... And we gave it out.

Friday, February 20, 2004


I didn't realise how much i miss those high school days when everything was so innocent. When there was really nothing much to worry about... Now, i've got uni to worry about. Every decision i make is crucial. And if i make one wrong decision my life might just be fuct. argh......

What do i do............

I miss friends that are true....... i'm babbling again. it's 2 am. I got back from the pub an hour ago. Before going to the pub we drank. But i'm not even tipsy. *SiGhz* So wide awake.

There were guys that were leaving the Nott... they took off their pants and boxers. so they were stark naked. hahahaha. funny funny. *no i didn't look* u perverts. :p

Thursday, February 19, 2004


gonna go to nott.. this pub. waiting to go now. so bored...


went to the glen today... just to look around. bought a pack of fake nails and i've done them. woo hoo. hehehe they dont look as good as when i went to get it professionally done. but good enough i s'pose. :) hehee....

had dinner at nandos... yum yum... with sunny.

bought a bottle of balentines whiskey. nothing else much to write about. tata.

Current mood: content

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Just got back from Clayton grocery shopping. hehe... i had korean bbq for lunch...
yum! it was so nice...
Then i went shopping for food... bought man tao... tong yuen. etc etc.. yum~!

It feels good to finally have food in the fridge again... yIpEeE... :)

Sunday, February 15, 2004

10:45PM - The events of 'today'

Returned the videos... in Pinewood. The videos i borrowed... i only watched 1 and a 1/2 out of 3! hehe.. Rose Red i totally didn't watch at all...
Serving Sara was pretty good. Matthew Perry was innit. hehehe... :)
The other one was Osmosis Jones. I was sleepy during that movie. So i fell asleep halfway. :( Waste of money.
But anyhoooss... after returning the videos...

went to glen to rent games. I started playing Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. it's good~! hehehe.. Pc Game... :)

It's been soooooooooooooooooooooo HOT.. i can't sleep. I can't do anything! feel so lethargic!! go away heat! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


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Sunday, November 23, 2003

6:18PM - Stressed Out

I have a marketing assignment due tomorrow and i haven't done shit yet. I've been so slack this semester. Worst than last semester.

Sunnys currently doing his assignment. And i'm here posting. ShiTez.

StReSseD ouTt.. Don'T know what to write. Dont have enough informatioN!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


people say i look korean! Not haPPy~! hehehe.........
two people have already said i look korean.....

Saturday, November 8, 2003


Men are so thick. They don't seem to get hints. Nevermind.

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